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Data Recovery

Data recovery is a process that no one wants to actually carry out but one that everyone should be ready for. Should the worst case scenario happen to your business you can be confident in the fact that Ashfield IT have been monitoring your backups to make sure that your data is intact if you have to fall back on it.
Data Recovery Nottingham

As part of our Managed IT package, business will have backup plans scheduled and tested on a regular basis. Schedules will be discussed and implemented to make sure your backups aren't too far out of sync. Backups can be done both onsite and offsite*.

Testing your backups is as important as the scheduling of your backups. Imagine having major hardware failure and your backups being corrupt! Ashfield IT implement backup testing to ensure you're never faced with such a catastrophic discovery.

Offisite backups* is another solution available to ensure that under any circumstances your data is recoverable. Offsite backups can run alongside your onsite backups and give you that extra level of protection to ensure you're never in a position where nothing is recoverable.

*Offsite backups may incur a small monthly cost.

If you would like to know more about our Managed IT services or backup solutions then please free to get in touch with us on 01623 375005 or contact us via our contact form.